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Hi there! I'm Avery, and my pronouns are she/her. I'm a Portuguese-American student from the East Coast of the United States. You can find me on the following platforms:

I'm an amateur programmer with experience predominantly in Rust. I enjoy writing CLI/TUI apps as well as low-level apps such as emulators and compilers. I also have experience with C, Haskell, Python, C#, F#, assorted Assembly Languages, and HTML / CSS / JavaScript, to varying degrees of proficiency.

I love learning languages, and speak both English and European Portuguese as first languages. I have studied Latin for 4 years, and have been studying Japanese for 5 years (and counting). I'm a member of the Viossa community, and am currently learning Toki Pona.

I enjoy mathematics and science, especially where the two intersect, and where I can model that intersection on a computer. I'm especially interested in chemistry.

My current obsession is language development - the art of designing a programming language, as well as implementing a compiler or an interpreter for it.